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IPC Intelligent Investor - It's Always Something
: Based on the recent media headlines, investors are asking a number of questions: What happened? Could we have a double dip recession? Where is the bottom? Are rating agencies useful? What has changed?

In this month’s Intelligent Investor, Rana Chauhan, Counsel Portfolio Services Inc. Chief Investment Strategist, addresses the fears and questions your clients may have about Standard & Poor’s recent downgrade of the U.S. credit rating. During exceptionally volatile times, it is critical for Financial Advisors to communicate and remind clients of their long term financial goals. Even those with a good understanding of the markets will appreciate the perspectives provided in this Q&A.

The Realities of Investing
: Investors make unrealistic assumptions when they think that the investment they hold will continuously appreciate in value every year. They tend to look at the long-term performance numbers of a selected portfolio and think that its short-term performance is like-wise made up of a sequence of positive performance numbers.

Counsel investment solution's exposure to Japan: Also, views from Mawer Investment Management Ltd. and Forum Securities Ltd. on the cost of the devasting quake to the Japanese economy, their portfolio positioning strategy and their outlook for Japan.

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